Hugs and hope for shattered hearts

by Esther Hippel

A girl participating at OM Moldova’s camp for vulnerable children receives prayer from a leader. The 102 girls at the summer camp came from OM Moldova’s day centres and are amongst the poorest and most neglected children in the country, who face a high risk of becoming victims of trafficking and exploitation.

“Pray that I will stop thinking about killing myself.” The prayer requests asked by the participants of OM Moldova’s summer camp were not those of your typical teenage girl.

“Pray that we would have a house to live in,” another girl wrote. Others expressed their longing for hope and joy instead of fear and loneliness—not only for themselves but also for their struggling families.

Requests such as, “Pray that my mother would smile. She has only tears and pain,” reflected the reality of broken homes as much as requests like, “I want God to make my mother stop drinking”, and, “Pray that my mother would come home. She has been gone for five years. I don’t know where she is.”

The 102 girls, ages 9-14, who participated in OM Moldova’s summer camp for vulnerable girls, came from OM Moldova’s day centres and are some of the most vulnerable in the country.

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